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Our Communities

Dungeons & Dragons
Dungeons & Dragons

The Hawkwood Games D&D Community is welcoming and active! We’ve got 12 different tables running across three days of the week. Our DMs have a wealth of experience and are fantastic teachers for new players.

D&D has recently become very  popular again, and is currently in the 5th edition of the game. At Hawkwood, we have plently of books, miniatures, and character sheets for anyone looking to jump in!

D&D: Mon, Tues, & Wed 7-10 pm

Afterschool D&D: Thurs 4-6 pm

Magic: the Gathering
Magic: the Gathering

Our Magic: The Gathering community spans from casual newcomers to dedicated, experienced players. The overall tone of our community is one of casual, fun competition. Players win promotional cards and packs as prizes for our draft, commander, standard, and casual league formats. 

Pauper: Every other Thurs 7-10 pm

Afterschool & Beginners: Wed 4-6 pm

Draft - Friday 7-10 pm

Standard - Saturday 4-6 pm

Commander - Saturday 7-1 1 pm

We also host pre-release events when a new set is coming out!

Board Games
Board Game Communities

With over 600 games for children and adults, our board game library is a fantastic reason to spend time at Hawkwood Game Cafe. We’ve got classic games, newly released games, and a host of some of the best games to have come out over the past 20 years.  We have a great community of regular players and have two “open table” events a week for you to come in, meet other gamers, and play!

Casual Play: Any time we are open!

Open Table Night : Tues 7-10 pm

After School
After School

We host after school events for students on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. These events are primarily aimed at younger players, but everyone is welcome. We have plenty of supplies for a new player to come and pick up a game! Parents are welcome to stay while their children are playing.

Magic: The Gathering: Wed 4-6 pm

Dungeons & Dragons: Thurs 4-6 pm


Our Pokémon Community is young and growing! We host a casual play event every weekend, with a free pack given to a random participant. Once a month we also run a tournament with packs and decks given as prizes!

Pokémon: Sunday 1-3 pm

We also host pre-release events when a new set is coming out!

Trivia Night
Trivia Night

Every month we get together to test our brains to their fullest. Trivia at Hawkwood Game Cafe consists of six general knowledge categories that change every time. We tackle movies, history, pop culture, politics, etc. There are prizes for winning, and the returning winner from last month gets to eat bottomless popcorn out of our winner’s crown! We’ve got a friendly, returning community so, you can get to know the folks who come in. The best part? After trivia we all stay to play games!

Trivia Night: The first Thursday of

                      every month 7-9 pm


From the folks that produce Magic The Gathering, Transformers is a new and nuanced collectible card game. If you've been a fan of any iteration of transformers, there is something here for you. We play in a 4 week long league, with a draft between each league season. We give out promotional card prizes every week! We've got a dedicated crew who welcome new players and are happy to teach. 

Transformers: Sunday 2-5 pm.

We also host pre-release events when a new set is coming out!

Super Smash Bros.
Super Smash Bros.

Every other Friday at Hawkwod we bring out our Nintendo Switches and host a Super Smash Bros. League! 

Casual play starts at 6 pm, with a tournament at 8 pm. We give out prizes every week for tournament winners and winners of our special bonus challenges throughout the night.

All Smash Bros. matches are played using equipment we provide, so newcomers are welcome even if you don't own a Switch.

Super Smash Bros: Thurs 6-11 pm

Starting a community

Don't see your game here?  No problem!  We are always looking to bring different types of people into the cafe.  If you have a community that you want to start we would love to help you build it.  In fact, most of our communities started with just one person asking if we would be willing to host an event for one night.  Contact us using the email form below! Let us know what you would like to see and we will do our best to make it happen. 

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