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Welcome to Hawkwood Games!

Nestled in the heart of Milford, Hawkwood Games is a small, independently-run restaurant and game center. We have over 600 board games on our shelves, a variety of events throughout the week, and plenty of hot food to eat while you play.

How does it work?

Our games are here for you to play! Any time you come in, there is a $5 entry fee, and then you are free to explore our shelves, play as many games as you want, and participate in any of our events! The entry fee covers a whole day of play, so you can come and go throughout the day at your leisure. Check out our calendar to find what's happening today, or our communities to see a description of all of our weekly events.

What do you want to play?

With our huge catalog of games, we definitely have the game for you. You can browse our games collection, or just come in and we will help you find the perfect game. Our game gurus are more than happy to sit down and join you for a game if you need another player.

Are you hungry?

While you are here playing games, you can grab a meal or some snacks! We have paninis, fresh popcorn, hot pretzels, cookies, and more! We also sell coffee, tea, and a variety of alcoholic drinks. Check out our menu for our full food and drink list. We have vegetarian and vegan options available.

Who are we?

Hawkwood Games is New Haven County's first board game cafe, established in January of 2018. Our owners, Ryan and Hanna, stumbled upon a Board Game Cafe in Toronto in 2014 and fell in love with the business. They decided to open a Game Cafe of their own in Milford and named it after Ryan's noble Dungeons & Dragons Character, Sir Albian Hawkwood.

Meet the Owner
- Ryan -

I’ll play literally any game in front of me, but my favorite times are spent rolling a D20 around a table of my friends.

Gamer Personality:  Failed Mastermind

Favorite Drink: Pour Over Coffee

Meet the Owner
- Hanna -

I like collaborative games over competitive games.  However, I will smash you at every version of Timeline.  

Gamer Personality: Solidly Second

Favorite Drink: Cinnamon Tea

Sir Albian Hawkwood

My shield for my kingdom, my hammer for my foes!

Gamer Personality: Rules Monger

Favorite Drink: Pink Lady Apple Kombucha

Welcome to our community!

We’re here for casual gamers and aficionados. We’re here so you can bring your kids in for family night. We’re here so you can brave a dangerous adventure. We’re here to share a hot cup of coffee on a snowy afternoon, or to relax in air conditioning on a hot summer day. We’re not home, or work - we’re the third space that you get to choose, with the friends you choose to be with. We’re your Nerd Cheers - everybody knows your game.

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