T: 50 Broad St, MIlford , CT 

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T: 203.465.9620



Monday: 6:30 - 10 pm
Tuesday - Friday: 3 - 11 pm
Saturday: 1 - 11 pm
Sunday: 1 - 9 pm

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What is a Board Game Cafe?

A Board Game Cafe is a place that serves fantastic coffee and food, and has a lot of board games. A LOT of board games. Our library has over 550 games. We have games for all ages, starting from age 3 all the way up through adult-only games. Our games range from ten minutes to five hours and from single-player to twenty players.


We also hold events every day of the week, so you can meet up with other people to play! Check out our events page to find the night that’s right for you.


How does it work...

We charge a $5 entry fee per person. Once you’re in you get to play as many games as you like for as long as you like! You can even leave and come back throughout the day.

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Our Story

Ryan and Hanna were vacationing in Toronto in 2014 and stumbled upon a board game cafe. They fell in love with the idea of owning a place that combined their favorite things - Coffee, board games, more coffee, and friends. The name Hawkwood comes from one of Ryan’s long-running D&D characters, Sir Albion Hawkwood. He wanted to name the cafe after something personal, but also related to games... and Hawkwood Game Cafe was born.

Meet the Owner


Meet the Owner


Albian Hawkwood


Welcome to our community

Welcome to our community. We’re here for casual gamers and aficionados. We’re here so you can bring your kids in for family night. We’re here so you can brave a dangers adventure. We’re here to share a hot cup of coffee on a snowy afternoon, or to relax in air conditioning on a hot summer day. We’re not home, or work. We’re the third space that you get to choose, with the friends you choose to be with. We’re your Nerd Cheers - everybody knows your game.

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