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The Next Chapter of Hawkwood Games

Since January of 2018 We’ve been creating a space for gaming in the Milford community. It has been an absolute delight to meet so many fantastic people, to share hundreds of great moments with you all as we’ve won or lost, as we’ve competed in tournaments, and as we’ve gone on endless adventures. 


Now we’re going on another one. As of December 1, we’re going to be leaving Hawkwood’s first home here at 50 Broad Street in Milford. It’s been a fine time in our comfortable little side lot off of the green, but it’s time for something new! Don’t get it twisted, though -  Hawkwood Games will still be creating gaming spaces in Milford after December 1, we’re exploring what events around town might look like, at various places including extremely cool spots like ...well I guess like cafe atlantique. 


One thing we need to do before we go, though, is lighten the load we’re taking with us. Starting October 1, everything in our library is for sale. If you’ve come in and enjoyed our games in the past, we’d ask that you come back again so you can take them home! We’ll be posting discounts on almost everything in the cafe, so come down and check it out!


And in the meantime, keep your eyes on our website and facebook page. We’ll have more news soon about what the next chapter in the story of Hawkwood Games looks like!.

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